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Finally! A newsletter that delivers a practical approach to change, leadership, and growth so you can navigate uncertainty, streamline operations, and unlock new opportunities for impact.

Any strategy for long-term, sustainable growth amid uncertainty must include creating an organization-wide culture that prioritizes and rewards curiosity, questioning, and experimentation. 

Ben Stroup, a proven leader in organizational development, will help you to turn ambition into action as you transform obstacles into outcomes, no matter the challenges ahead.

If you’re into podcasts, listen to Ben’s recent interviews. Or, if you’re looking for your next book, check out Master the Pivot, Effective Project Leadership, and Leading Teams With Confidence. To discover even more resources from Ben, visit his knowledge base. Happy exploring!

Better Together

You deserve a strategic growth partner who can align teams, simplify technology, eliminate complexity, and drive revenue. Learn more about The Velocity Advantage.

Leaders of growing organizations believe so deeply that growth is inherently good that they see today's pain as evidence of a future tomorrow.

Connect strategy and operations to:

  • Empower Digital Transformation

  • Navigate Change Initiatives

  • Guide Projects Forward

  • Fuel Revenue Operations

Unlock your organization's potential with The Velocity Advantage:

  • Assurance your efforts lead to increased profitability and growth.

  • Confidence your teams are focused, optimized, and accountable.

  • Accuracy of reporting and metrics—across your funnel.

  • Elimination of friction and complexity for maximum productivity.

What can you expect when you work with Ben?

A Trusted Confidant.
You need an objective, unbiased perspective to help you evaluate your situation without being clouded by standard operations and company politics.

A Constant Learner.
You need the unfair advantage that comes from working with someone who has an insatiable appetite for synthesizing details and uncovering new insights.

A Challenging Collaborator.
You need someone who believes your success is too important to avoid crucial conversations and leave the tough questions on the table.

An Inspiring Team Builder.
You need the confidence that comes with knowing you have the right people working on the right projects and driving toward the right outcomes.

A Strategist Who Gets in the Weeds and Sees the Big Picture.
You need someone to help you eliminate blind spots and uncover gaps before they prevent you from achieving what you know is possible.

A Leader Relentlessly Committed to Your Success.
You need a champion to work with you who isn't afraid to stare failure in the face—even if it bites back—because he knows your success is on the other side.

An Experienced Executive Who Gets It Done.
You need someone with a proven track record who understands how to create playbooks that produce systematic and predictable growth supported by technology and data.

Let's work together and elevate your organization to new heights!

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Connect with Ben Stroup on LinkedIn. You can also call 615.436.3432.

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