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Any strategy for long-term, sustainable growth amid uncertainty must include creating an organization-wide culture that prioritizes and rewards curiosity, questioning, and experimentation. 

Ben Stroup, a proven leader in organizational development, will help you to turn ambition into action as you transform obstacles into outcomes, no matter the challenges ahead.

If you’re into podcasts, listen to Ben’s recent interviews. Or, if you’re looking for your next book, check out Master the Pivot or Effective Project Leadership. To discover even more resources from Ben, visit his knowledge base. Happy exploring!

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You deserve a strategic growth partner who can align teams, simplify technology, eliminate complexity, and drive revenue. Learn more about The Velocity Advantage.

Leaders of growing organizations believe so deeply that growth is inherently good that they see today's pain as evidence of a future tomorrow.

Ben Stroup is changing the way organizations succeed. With his forward-thinking approach and laser focus on data, he's helping leaders blast through barriers to achieve extraordinary results. He has a knack for discovering what matters most and connecting ideas to implementation in ways that fuel growth and success!

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Ben Stroup

Empowering Digital Transformation and Fueling Growth with Tech & Data Solutions | Delivering Results: Predictive Index, OKRs, Agile, Scrum, & Project Management | Vistage Speaker | Velocity President